Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We place a high value on safeguarding your privacy. This policy delineates our procedures for the collection, utilization, and safeguarding of your personal data.

Information Collection:

We exclusively gather analytical and crash data. This data encompasses details regarding your utilization of our application, device specifics, and crash diagnostics. It serves as a foundation for enhancing the efficiency and robustness of our application.

Utilization of Your Data:

The data we amass is employed to scrutinize user conduct and enhance our application's performance. Additionally, we may deploy this data to address technical complications and refine user interactions.

Protection of Your Data:

We implement suitable security protocols to shield your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, tampering, or obliteration. Access to your data is restricted to individuals necessitating it for the execution of their professional duties. We neither vend nor distribute your personal data to external entities.

Policy Updates:

This policy may undergo periodic updates. Any alterations will be communicated through postings on our website.

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